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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Final 13!

I.m so late on this for the update, but found out about 2 weeks ago that I made the Show class magazines peoples champ last 13!

thanks so much for the the support and to everyone that voted. 

Next round photos need to be in next Monday, and this round will be judged by born free invited builders past and present. I'll find out my fate on the 1st May. Hopefully I can make it through and get to LA!!!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Primary and Clutch Progress

Chipping away with the bike - working on my "Metric Primary" a reverse of the imperial ribbed primaries. Also got the foot controls sorted on the clutch (left hand side) of the bike - modified Harley JD clutch mounted on tyre levers!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Peoples Champ 3 - VOTE NOW!

Voting has started!

you can cast your vote on - and see all the bikes that are in the running. You will also be able to vote on Instagram and Chopcult - there will be a weighting on each platform that will collectively add to the final score/rating.

Please only vote once for your pick - but multiple votes will see all of them cancelled.

Hope I can get my British / American infusion to the next round and ultimately to the states!

From a Barn in Leeds, West Yorkshire to Born Free in California - now if that isn't an american dream I don't know what is!

oil tank mount

Been cracking on with the bike. Its nice that I'm still not rushing and have the time to make nice parts. I made the mount for the front of the oil tank to look like the standard one. 3mm mild steel plate all cut and bent up.

Just a nice satisfying task to undertake really.

Monday, 9 February 2015

The 345 - monster weekend

My lovely wife gave me the weekend to push on with the bike. I lost so much time over Christmas with us all, being ill, but i'm all caught up now.

So to keep it short - I brazed and welded up the frame and got it off the jig. Did some of the finishing on the frame, and then got the bike back on the bench. The new back end meant that the pipes no longer matched the line of the frame tubes, or met the sissy bar, so they had to be cut in a number of places and changed up. 

I also cracked on with the oil tank. I'm hiding the oil lines in the battery box cut out, so i'm using the old outlets to mount some switches for the lights and the mag cutoff.

a great weekend of progress - I even tidied up my bench!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The 345 - Big push...

Will be cracking on with the project shortly, Festive break and Illness have caused holdups - but I'll be flat out with it soon as!

Had the timeframes for various points in the competition - March will see you guys voting to get the list of 25 down to 13!

Friday, 26 December 2014

Showclass peoples champ 3 last 25

So I put my name in the hat for the showclass magazine peoples champ build a while back. It's a competition that feeds into the born free show over in LA.

To my amazement the 345 got selected to make the last 25 bikes in the competition!

Can't wait to get cracking on her in the new year, so many talented builders involved so I need to bring my A game and then some!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Fake casting - the 345

Spent last Thursday night making a fake casting for the back of the 345. Nice little bit of fabrication work - needs plenty of cleaning up still, but getting close to how I want it to be.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Beautify the Beast!

In an effort to take the 345 to the next level I hope to remake the rear end hardtail section. As part of that i will be remaking the basic support (as per the left of the photo) and make something that looks a lot more Harley (photo of the VL on the right). Plenty of fun with a grinder and a die grinder to be had!

Friday, 14 November 2014

The 345 - Show Class Peoples Champion

Two posts in a week! blimey - that's pushing it!

Thursday nights is my "approved" barn night - time has been tight since the little man came along (he's 1 in 10 days! EEEK!) so I needed to have a set night. Its working well as by Wednesday I'm itching to get up there and start emptying my brain of all these ideas.

To make my life that bit more interesting I've entered myself (well the345) into the Show Class Magazine Peoples Champ competition in the states. I've been looking for a while at what people build for that competition and felt like I needed both a challenge and a deadline. 

Most years there has been a massive contingent of big twin bikes shovel's pans knucks and the like - so I thought I would at least have something different in the 345. In my eyes its a good infusion of British and american, and a perfect bike for a brit guy to build with an american audience in mind.

As much as the bike is largely together there will be a number of things that I had thought of changing, but was probably reigning myself in and  making life a little easier at the same time. If it is going to get anywhere it will need to be revisited in most areas of fabrication.

Last night saw me take a standard Harley oil tank and reduce it in size to Triumph frame proportions. a lot of chopping and head scratching as ever, but i'm really pleased with the outcome. quite a bit of fabrication was involved, but the more I push myself the easier I find the metal working to be. 

I also jigged up and welded the handlebar clamps for the triumph sized helling and stellings style handlebar clamps for the peashooter springer. 

All in all a successful night and good progress made. Plans now swilling round my head involve remaking the back end of the bike!!!! 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

1931 Harley VL Hill-climber - Making an Aluminium Tank

Life is very busy, and the Blog has suffered for it, one good thing is that this will have a lot of weeks worth of updates for you all to have a good look at!

The VL arrived a couple of weeks back - its a beautiful old machine - I had an original VL frame and springer a while back (you may have even seen the post many years back) which I sold to fund one thing or another - the springer is not on Guy from GKM magazine's Panhead - (and a fine looking machine it is too!)

Its genuinely about the only pair of parts that I regretted selling - so i'm stoked to have the new project in the ranks.

Coming in as a stripped back roller my plans aren't all that grand (compered to my normal crazy ideas anyway) - show off the lovely castings and details by making it a stripped down racer - Hillclimber style as was seen in the 20s and 30's. I've managed to source a 20" rear rim, and a 20" rear tyre (which wasn't so cheap), and then an 18" spool hub wheel for the front. seems like an odd combo - but its what they ran back in the day. To mock up it currently has a 21" rear and 19" front - so you can kinda see the aesthetic... Back on point.....

The main bit of fabrication was always to be the petrol tank - ive never made one before and have been in awe of how easy some people have made it look (on tv and the internet), so my big project on this was to make an ali tank that slotted between the frame.

below are the progress pictures of where I'm currently at - and I'm completely stoked with y first ever attempt at not only metal beating, but also at ali welding (new TIG welder!!!)

the plan is to have the tank 70/30 (ish) fuel to oil, and I'm going to revisit the etching that I played with many moons ago to etch in some old graphics into the tank. Plenty of pics below for you to enjoy!