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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Tank mounts

Started on the mounts for the tank. I annoyed myself by not spending enough time on the mounts on the 345 flame tank. 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

grinder power

Spent a bit more time yesterday on the hillclimber tank, bought a small die grinder and some new burrs and set about shaping up the large ali insert I welded in. Unfortunately in a few places I hadn't got enough penetration into the corner (the large Ali insert acted as a heat sink so didn't melt deep enough).

Thursday, 28 January 2016

K Magnum Harley

I've been squirreling parts away for this for quite some time. I saw one of these motors on the net, then in Greasy Kulture and from then I was hooked. there doesn't seem to be many about, but like all things, as soon as you think you have found something that hasn't been done I've found pictures of at least 6 engines - 2 of which seem to have been running.

The bottom end was picked up from an "interesting" polish mechanic in Peterborough 2 years or so ago. After sounding me out and showing him this blog, I passed the "test" and left with polish slash metal CD's as well. The mag is the leftover from the toddy framed bike that went to pastures new in 2015, and the top end was sourced from the states. I also have a set of NOS shiny heads on their way from the states - not sure if i'll run them as I quite like the look of these heads (they haven't been run either). If your ever looking for K model heads, they do tend to crack radially out from the plug hole - so worth a good inspection.

I've been digging into how to get these motors to run. You may know that i'm no mechanic or engine builder, but I've been trying to find all info I can on these motors.

The big issue seemed to be the angle of the tappets, with some digging I found that the WR tappet lifter blocks seem to be a good match, and there was great info (along with the chance to purchase cams and lifter blocks) at . These guys also have a little download on the K Magnum motor - and they recommend KHK cams to be used.

WL's have a reputation of not being the best lubricated engines - so when I've saved some more pennies I'll be ordering an improved oil pump and scavenger from Sweden.

At present the motor is in my office looking all pretty; and I'll slowly be amassing parts when funds allow. The frame is an original harley WL and for now there is a chopped BSA Bantam (D1) tank which has been split sitting on there.

Knuck progress

Knuck taking shape, plenty of repop parts, seems to be the way to go - the original parts are just going up and up in price, and when i'm hacking most of them to death - whats the point? the metal in the new ones is often a lot better to weld as well. 
I have a high shouldered 21" front wheel to be built up as well. The 19" rear is a little different, but with the matching front looking a bit chunkier - it should look good.

At the moment i have a set of VL springers on the front, need to spend some time getting the VL girder figured out...

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Hillclimber tank - hand oil pump

Sneaked my first time working on the bikes in too long this week. the hillclimber works on a total loss system which i'm still figuring out, but it was clear that I needed to install a hand pump into the tank.
I turned up a bung, and grafted it into the tank. Then to make it a bit more pleasing to the eye  attacked it with a die grinder. Still work to do, but getting there slowly.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Motortechnic MFG Knuckle Motor

Got the knucklehead delivered in bits - also ordered the ali heads, and Baz will be building it up for me.

were both suitably impressed by the quality and detail in this motor, ok - its a lot of money, but not that much more than an S&S Knuckle. There is no comparison for me between the 2 box fresh motors.

Handshift pan style wassell

this was done a couple of months ago, but babies have got in the way of updates.

Had the idea in my head to graft in the handshift details from a pan tank into a wassell. I've also put the through tank fuel stop in as well. Really pleased with how its come out already. Still need to sort out the fixing mounts.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

What a Knucklehead!

So if you still read this blog then your obviously as ill as me - you must be nuts!

You'll also know that i'm completely lost to the world of bikes. its pretty much 60% of the whole brain power I have at any one time being utilised running through things in my little brain.

Well I finally achieved another big goal, I've swapped, bought sold and made enough cash to order myself a repop Knucklehead from Germany.

I believe the word is STOKED!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Finger Dustcaps - Order Now

New dustcaps are up and ready for order. These "The Finger" dustcaps are the new version, and again on a limited rum. Half the stock has gone already, so be quick if you want some!

Order from

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Sorted the bars for the knuckle project, dying to get cracking on this and get the VL girder working.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Tinker time - Chemical etching Aluminium and more work on the VL

Wednesday got swapped out to Thursday this week. 

The intention has been to re-visit etching. I had a couple of good attempts at it a good few years back. to keep things as safe as possible (as i was in the back bedroom) I opted for a salt water solution and an electric current last time. this time, I've gone down the chemical route this time - Ferric Chloride to be exact...

I want the VL to look very honest. I'm not gonna perfectly finish the petrol tank, and I like that it looks a but battered round the edges. it'll only get better with time.
I got the Vl lettering and my good mate Tibbs knocked me up some stickers to use as a mask.

I just used some plasticoat rattle can spray to spray the test sheet as the resist to the acid. seemed to work OK...

It has about 25 mins in the solution, and gave a nice "bite" into the Ali. I think i'll give it another 5 mins when I do the tank...

Use your imagination and you'll kinda see what the tank will look like when etched.

Mudguard trimmed down and new 19" Firestone tyre - I've elected to do a 19" and a 20" rear wheel. the 20" will be the clincher with chain tyres and the 19" for general tearing about!

The tank has taken ages to solve the cracks. I ended up hammering a dip either side of the partition and filling with weld all the way round. its been a lot of work, but I think its going to be right this time. 

Finally i altered up this brass pipe fitting. It will be the oil filler. The one I played about with being on the left of course. I think I've used the letter stamps on all my bikes - cant help myself!