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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Busy busy!

Gotta maximise every bit of time I get up the barn now. Today was the sissy bar for the 345 (or the Kenosha kicker as it's now known), and narrowing tanks for the pan.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Narrow wideglides

Had a spare day due to a last minute cancellation- sheer joy- a sneaky day up the barn!

Cracked on with the wideglide yokes today - time for more narrowing!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

A garage!

After too many years I've finally got a garage! Got our new house after a load of bother, and it has a little house on the side for bikes to live in.

The day after getting the keys sumo dropped the pan off to me, and here it sits in it's loverly new home until I have the reg documents in hand!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Narrowing a wide glide

I picked up a spare set of yokes that will run on the pan, the wide glide front end is cool, but I'm thinking that I want to run a 21" wheel. A skinny front wheel in wideglide yokes doesn't look good to me, so they need to go on a diet!

I did some hunting on the net (and insta) and found a couple of pics of where people have done it in the past.

After some measuring I cut 2 inches out the middle.

I then marked up an old bit if scrap casting that I got cheap. Made a great flat bed to clamp the pieces to.

Welded up well, put deep chamfers on each edge to help with the strength of the weld when I clean it up (thanks to panhead Dave on insta for the advice) That's as far as I got for now...

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tank update

I was getting loads of voids and inconsistencies with the lead, so I've had to consider other options. I was thinking of making either a conductive filler or paint to allow me to fill it in and still plate, but that's not looking so positive.

I have done some research and now there are paint processes that are just like chrome. I got a quote and it looks like plan b or c (whatever it is now) is going into full effect. Primer,loads of filler and even more elbow grease then off for the specialist coating.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

The 345

The 345 finally arrived with me. So stoked to own such a class bike, and to have bought it from someone that I class as a good mate, even though we haven't met.

My buddy Jason (Bearpaws) over in Kenosha put this sweet baby together about 18 months ago. Even when he was building it I knew that when he sold it I had to buy it off him!

Sure enough Jason decided he needed a new project, so the street scrambler made way for this baby. Shipping took a while, but it finally reached me today!

It's absolute class. A but rough around the edges, but I love that! I have a few bits I want to change a little as most people do, but ultimately it's a great little bike put together by a good dude.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Tank progress

Got the second side of the tank leaded up on Thursday and got the worst of the filing done.

Really liking how it's coming on!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Moulded Flame Tank

Got cracking on a moulded tank yesterday, thought I would share it with you. The deal is to use a new wassell style tank and have moulded flames on it. Normally it would use car body filler, but my intention is to either chrome or nickel plate, so I'll be using lead to fill it.

First step was the flames. I must have drawn them on over 20 times, then cleaned the sharpie off (with the wifeys nail polish remover). This is the design I stuck with...

Next up I roughly engraved the design into the tank and cleaned off all the pen.

I bought 4mm steel rod and tacked it on the tank. Tacking and bending as I went...

Once it was all laid out I cleaned back some if the welds that would show (most welds were done on the filling side). Then I filled inside with lead ..

I only had enough lead for one side, and it looked a right mess. Sometimes you need things to look a mess before they look good.

With some filing and sanding it was starting to look like I wanted. Still some low spots, and extra filling to do, but for the first try, I'm more than happy.

I'll update when I crack on and get it done...

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Greasy Kulture - GKM

The postie delivered the lastest GKM mag yesterday, so stoked to have the bike included in it.
It's the only mag that I subscribe to these days; always a good write up and story behind the bikes rather than a lot of mags that seem to be going down the route of just arty shots and minimal text about the bike/builder/owner.

Such a proud moment to have my little Xs in with the quality bikes that are featured.

This is such a timely event for me. Now being in the grips of fatherhood it's something to show my boy when he grows up. Even the wife is suitably impressed- not a normal reaction whenever a sentence is formed with the word "bike" in it.

It's a quality publication that has never failed to deliver in my eyes. If you haven't seen it- treat yourself to a subscription; it's well worth the cash.

Friday, 31 January 2014

oil tank fab

Had my first proper time up the barn in weeks today, I've had the 45's oil tank on my brain.

First up was the bottom of the tank. Now I didnt want a basic boring straight sided tank, so I made the top and bottom different shapes. To get the bottom to take the shape I had to do some temporary supports to pull it all together. these bits often dont get spoken about - remember its easy to just cut the tacks and smooth off...

Second up - fitting the mount for the kill switch. simple cut out and weld in place. looks really good!

With the tank looking good I then took the grinder to it and cut a huge hole in it, which i then filled up with cut down curtain rail..... WHAT? yup, either the best or worst thing I've ever done!

Looks like a pile of crap? stick with me!

once tacked in place and ground back its looking pretty good.Still loads of filling and welding, but my hair brained scheme appears to be paying off for now...

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Pan faults

I may have got the pan into the country relatively cheaply, but with sumo running his beady eye over it - the number of "little bits" to do mounts up.

It's to be expected, and I can't recommend Sumo over at VintageChop enough. Very sensible in his approach, and prioritising what needs to be done on the bike.

It's down on compression, but runs on the mikuni, parts are being ordered for the linkert to get it running. Looks like I'll run it on lower compression for now, and do a top end next winter. The bike does seem to have been somewhat thrown together; wood screws holding the headlight cowl (naicelle?) together, clutch a mishmash of old crappy parts, and a horrendous wiring job!

Just goes to show that owning such a bike is a big commitment!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Time is tight at the moment, so I've asked sumo over at vintagechop to get the pan ready for MOT. He called over last night and picked the bike up. Today I get a video of the engine running already.

Well happy!

YouTube video of pan motor

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New year parts sale

Happy new year to all of blog land!

Time for a parts sale to thing down the amount of stuff I'm holding and to get some funds to finish some bikes!

First up a really nice shovelhead swingarm frame. No numbers or v5 £650

Harley wla seat pan £95

AJS drop yokes £45

BSA m20 rigid gearbox, all free moving, will need a cleanup and a few bolts for the case £220

Wla dizzy / points setup as pictured, £70